Entry #1

Returning to Newgrounds

2017-01-01 22:58:31 by shaddowx

It's been Years since I opened this account to watch and favorite Animations from back in 2001. Damn were those flash sonic animations fucking brilliant. 

And now I've been thinking... Maybe I should upgrade... Go from watcher... to producer! I mean it isn't that hard!! Mainly cause I took 2 years Games & Animations and Creative Media so... Yea! I'll get Adobe Flash and see where It takes me! I'm not sure where to start however... Sprite animation? or Drawn Animation. What do you think?


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2017-01-01 23:24:48

do it! i've never done sprite animations before but if that's an easier option to get into then go for it. i think whatever format lets you put out a video and learn the fastest is the best to start, and once you have the basics down you can start playing around with different styles and techniques :)

best of luck, i look forward to seeing your productions!